EPS beads

High quality EPS products

Unipol produces a selected range of EPS grades of high quality. Key properties are an excellent insulation value, high compression strength and good processability. The products are suitable for numerous applications ranging from insulation, construction to packaging. For applications with or without fire retardant.

The end products made of Unipol EPS beads meet the strictest standards and (statutory) requirements in terms of thermal insulation, fire safety (DIN 4102/NEN-EN 13163) and mechanical properties. The EPS end products allow for easy and safe processing.

Fire retardant
CCS 5+
DDS 6+
CCS 6+
The new EPS beads contain the new generation Polymer FR as fire retardant (DIN 4102/NEN-EN 13163), making the end product suitable as insulation material for building applications.
Non fire retardant
DDS 6+
CCS 6+
The R-EPS quality is produced without fire retardant, making it ideal for use as insulation material or for other building applications in which fire-retardant properties are not required.

Packaging & storage

Unipol devotes the greatest care to its packaging and storage. The EPS beads are packed in ultra-strong cardboard sustainable octabins to ensure that the EPS beads are optimally protected during storage and transport.

The octagonal packaging is made of very strong corrugated cardboard, which consists of a base, sleeve and a lid, and has a filling weight of 1100 kg. Octabins are stackable and the strong but lightweight material reduces the weight of the load. The presence of a special PE liner in the octabin helps to preserve the quality of the EPS beads as long as possible. The octabins are placed on pallets.